How To Create Coaching Packages That Sell Like Crazy 

Everything you need to design, create, and launch your next high ticket coaching program (so people actually buy)! Just $7 🤯!

Sometimes, the littlest tweak can make all the difference between success & failure...

  • This digital course + templates pack show you exactly how to create a coaching program that you can easily sell for $3,000 or more...again and again!
  • We'll show you the exact steps we go through to build our own coaching programs that we sell for as much as $20,000 each...with more than 90% of our coaching clients making a high ticket sale!
  • Not only that, we'll also show you how to be SURE your niche and offer will be profitable BEFORE you ever build your program!
  • We'll even show you how to stand out from the crowd of other coaches in your niche and be the obvious best option for your ideal clients.
  • PLUS three FREE bonuses to better guide you on your path to filling up your calendar, booking out your practice, making more sales, and more impact! (you want these!!)
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EXCLUSIVE OFFER:: To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the content in the training, make sure to sign up for the program workbooks, so you can follow along, complete tasks, and track progress. Rather than trying to take notes like crazy, sit back, enjoy the course, and follow along with the program guides for each lesson. It’s time for you to book out your coaching practice, make more sales, and more impact! Grab the program workbook asap as you won’t see it available anywhere else! This is your only chance to grab it, so don’t let the opportunity pass by! ($11)

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